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Hudson River Gem: Untermyer Gardens

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Living in the city can be quite exciting, but sometimes I miss nature terribly and need a getaway during the weekend to slow down the pace a little bit. Untermeyer Gardens fills that need perfectly. Located in Yonkers, NY, Untermeyer is easy to get to via public transportation. This urban oasis stuns me every time I visit it. The beautiful garden surrounds me with peace, nature, and tranquility. The architecture here is elegant and majestic. I don't think I could find any architectural work like this in the city besides Central Park. It is also a perfect spot for a wedding photo-shoot.

Any season is good to visit Untermeyer Gardens. There is nothing more satisfying than breathing fresh air and walking back in time. In the summer, the garden is full of wildly blooming flowers and lush trees. The breeze brushes away all the heat from the sun. In the fall, all the trees slowly change to orange and red, and the breeze is still refreshing. This park also has the most extraordinary view of the Hudson River. Standing right across the river from the magnificent cliffs and simply appreciating the river's movement is such a relaxing moment.

Have you ever been to this hidden gem? What is your favorite place to get away from busy city life?


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