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I like to throw different colors of ingredients into my food. Some people say that don't wear more than three colors at the same time. That's true to outfits, but not so for food. The color contrast on the table can bring a strong visual impact.

Nothing can be more comforting than a calm afternoon tea. This time I prepared passion fruit tea, lots of fresh fruits, some pastries, and cookies. My favorite used to be the puffs, but this time it's the banana cakes we brought back from Japan. Yes, it's the one that has flower patterns on, how adorable! The banana flavor is so rich!

I am obsessed with cooking and food styling. It is one of the best ways for me to relax. Food styling is just like design or drawing, where you have to play around with colors, lighting, frames, and composition. Here I'm sharing some of the fun color experiments I've done!


Recreating my Moroccan dream at home! This is a country that I love so much and has inspired me in many creative ways. On my trip to Morocco, I had so many fruits. The fresh made orange juice I had is unforgettable. In my mind, red represents Morocco so well. I guess it's because the local people we met were so passionate and kind, plus I loved wearing red in Sahara haha.


I made different flavors of smoothie bowls and topped them with fresh fruits and chocolate. Smoothie is so easy to make. And it takes minimal effort to make it pretty. It is my No.1 go-to snack when I want something refreshing and healthy. 

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Hello, my name is Yu Cui, and my nickname is Fish, a content creator based in NYC. I was born and raised in China. Travel has been one of my biggest passions ever. 


I love discovering colorful destinations, sharing cultural inspirations and fashion looks for my trips, and looking for the best Instagram photo spots.

    Thank you for following me on my journeys. I'm excited to share more with you.

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What a bright color palette for summer! The word "summer" is associated with so many passionate colors like yellow, orange and green. And of course, summer vacation is the best time to eat lots of juicy fruits every day.

If I say that nature is a master of geometry, who would disagree with me? It is incredible how many different shapes we can find in nature, and I'm obsessed with these imperfectly perfect shapes. It was so pleasing to just look at these naturally formed shapes of fruits.

Have you had enough fruits this summer? 


There is nothing cozier than having hot milk tea or coffee in winter with a table of yummy dessert. I am obsessed with milk tea, and it is super easy to make at home. I like my milk tea not to be very sweet, then top it with some adorable marshmallows to add some sweetness. I never say no to cute stuff. Those marshmallows are just too lovely and irresistible! Besides marshmallows, whipped cream is also always a good idea to top hot drinks. 


My personal favorite cookie that goes with a winter hot drink is butter cookies. They are not overpowered with sugar and the richness of the butter sings in my mouth with the hot drink. 

I'm a person who always dreams about spring in the coldest winter. Having a table full of pink brought me that soft, warm, springy vibe. 


Mermaid and galaxy? Who wouldn't say "Yes, please"? Galaxy theme food has been trendy all over the world for a long time. I have always wanted to give it a try because it is the ultimate challenge to play around with colors. Look like making the galaxy vibe would require lots of skills; it turned out to be not so difficult. To showcase the galaxy theme, I made orange sugar cookies and a simple glaze. I used gel food color: blue, purple and some pink, swirl them around in the glaze to create that pattern, then dip the top of the cookies into the glaze and let them dry. 

I incorporated some mermaid elements into my blueberry smoothie to maximize the imagination! Playing around with all the color combinations and glitters woke up all my childhood dreams. If you have wanted to bring the galaxy theme onto your table, give it a try now and have the most fun!

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