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Torel Palace Porto

A truly stunning hotel that will make you fall in love with Porto even more. As soon as I stepped into the lobby, I was stunned by the elegancy of this hotel. The reading room lounge is full of lovely details and cozy. My favorite part is the ceiling decoration: full of hanging books, as if they are flying in the sky, keeping memories of marvelous Portuguese writers and also inspiring those who have words to share. From the elegant staircase to the skylight and the sculpting details around it, this hotel itself is a piece of art, and many details have been beautifully kept in their original form since the building was first built.

Each room has a different theme and is inspired by a Portuguese writer or poet. The room is spacious, with an incredibly gorgeous ceiling. It finely interprets the combination of historical beauty and modern interior design. What a great concept to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Portugal and introduce it to people from all over the world.

We had breakfast in the room, and it was such a lovely way to start our day. Every detail is so full of thoughts and beautifully done. I've always thought that Porto is a lively city full of historical charms, but our stay at Torel Palace showcased the elegant side of Porto, and let us know more about the rich cultural background of Portugal.


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