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In Beijing-Tomocado's Flower Power

Tomacado (花厨), a combination of "Tomato" and "Avocado". Interesting, isn't it? When I was doing research on restaurants in Beijing, this place popped up and immediately caught my heart. 

After a long day in the Forbidden City, we decided to go to Tomacado and have a flowery dinner. We went to the one at Wang Fu Jing. It is usually packed, but luckily we went there early enough to avoid the crowd. There is a flower shop near the front. The restaurant is decorated with all different kinds of flowers. I'm a super fan of this romantic vibe. All the dishes in this restaurant are vibrant, creative and made of healthy ingredients. Everything we ordered was fantastic. Lots of gorgeous restaurants attract people with their lovely decorations, but not so much with food. However, Tomacado gave me a big surprise. My favorite dish was the fresh spring rolls. It was like eating a rainbow. I took one bite with the dipping sauce, all the fresh flavors were singing in my mouth! The curry was very delicious too. I was very pleased with what we ordered.

I love incorporating edible flowers in my cooking and baking. Coming to Tomacado was a big inspiration for me. Would I go back again when I visit Beijing the next time? Of course! Give me more flower power, please!


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