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Queluz National Palace

If you are looking for places for a half-day trip while visiting Lisbon, this palace in the small town of Queluz is definitely worth a visit. It is a stunning palace with beautifully kept rooms and original features. The ballroom makes you feel like you are stepping into a historical movie scene. The interior style is heavily influenced by the French. However, compared to Versailles, this palace is not over-the-top luxuriant with endless ornate; it’s more toned down but still elegantly luxurious. It is colorful but not packed with super-saturated colors. Some of the woodwork on the floors is so well-preserved.

My favorite room is the one with all the colorful tilework. It is not common to see tiles in red or yellow due to the rareness of the ingredients that produce these colors back in the time. This room showcases how incredible Portuguese tile craftsmanship is.

The garden is just as beautiful as the interior: beautifully maintained and has many lovely walking paths. We went there on a weekday afternoon, and it was not crowded at all. You could easily spend an afternoon there, enjoying the sunshine and the gorgeous garden view full of inspiration.


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