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Porto Airbnb: Casaporto. 207

This view is everything! In Porto, we stayed at Casaporto. 207 Airbnb, and wow, the view from the room is breathtaking. I truly think pictures can’t capture the beauty of the view here. You can see the entire Porto historical center from the balcony and countless seagulls soaring in the sky. It was such a magical experience, having breakfast while watching the city come to life. This Airbnb made us fall in love with Porto at first sight.

The entire building is clean and modernly renovated, and the room is well-equipped with everything you will need. It feels like a home in Porto, not just a brief staying. I love the location too; we easily walked to every location on our list in Porto. On a Saturday afternoon, we could hear the music playing on the street from the balcony. There are so many thoughtful touches to the place, which made our staying even more perfect.

This time we stayed in Apartment C., There are several other apartments in the same building with the same panoramic view. I would absolutely stay here again next time when I visit Porto!


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