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Palace Fronteira

This hidden gem garden is just outside Lisbon's city center, and you can easily go there on a half-day trip. Palace Fronteira is such a magical place that kept with its raw beauty. The garden is presented in its original form, unspoiled and untouched by refurbishment. Some may say it needs renovation, but I think this raw beauty is exactly why the garden is so unique. You can clearly trace the passing of time on the status and the stones: the wind and the rain had been leaving their marks throughout centuries, and the moss had gradually added a touch of green to everything. And yet, the vibrant blue color is still so charming, adding such a characteristic to the whole garden.

We didn’t visit the inside of the palace, but the garden was still worth a trip. It is not big, but you can easily spend an hour there admiring the tiles' lovely details and enjoying nature's tranquility.


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