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NYC: 10 Most Romantic Restaurants

I have a deep passion for discovering new and beautiful places in the city, especially when it comes to food. The exquisite decor often enhances the dining experience, taking it to a new level. Here is my list of 10 most romantic restaurants in NYC.


La Mercerie

La Mercerie embodies the exquisite and elegance of French cuisine. Its beautifully designed setting and sophisticated dining experience blend classic French aesthetics with modern design elements. Integrating the restaurant within a design store creates a unique dining and shopping experience. The food here perfectly captures authentic French flavors.

  • French Cuisine | 53 Howard St, SoHo | $$$


Palma feels like a secret garden tucked away in West Village. It is known for its cozy ambiance and authentic Italian cuisine. The restaurant has an intimate, homely feel, and the indoor garden is beautifully decorated with flowers and greenery, making it a perfect location for an al fresco dining experience. The menu includes a variety of classic Italian dishes.

  • Italian Cuisine | 28 Cornelia St, West Village | $$

Boucherie West Village

Boucherie is my go-to spot when I crave steak. It has been one of my favorites in the city for years, and every time I dine here, I feel like I'm in Paris. The menu features classic French cuisine. I love the vibrant atmosphere here. It perfectly combines the liveliness of West Village with the elegance of Paris.

  • French Cuisine | 99 7th Avenue South, West Village | $$

Twenty Three Grand 

Twenty Three Grand is a gorgeous space packed with vibrant colors. I love the bold choice of teal in the interior design and the eye-catching floral decoration. The food here is flavorful and beautifully presented. The bright environment makes the dining experience feel very relaxing.

  • American Cuisine | 23 Grand St, SoHo | $$

Le Coucou

Le Coucou is a Michelin restaurant that features fine dining in French cuisine. The interior design is sophisticated and timeless, which evokes a classic French dining experience to the finest. The restaurant has one of the most beautiful bars in NYC and many gorgeous details. The service here is also exceptional.

  • French Cuisine | 138 Lafayette St, SoHo | $$$$

La Grand Boucherie 

This is another Boucherie location that I frequently visit. With its grand ambiance and intimate French romantic charm, this restaurant lives up to its name. The setting seamlessly combines traditional French brasserie elements with modern dining. Located in bustling Midtown Manhattan, it's an ideal spot for business meetings or dining before a theater show.

  • French Cuisine | 145 W 53rd St, Midtown | $$


Queensyard presents traditional British fare with contemporary American twists.

The space includes a variety of settings: a dining room with floor-to-ceiling windows offering the iconic view of Hudson Yards, tables with relaxing lounge seating, and a lively bar area. The environment is both lush and inviting.

  • Modern American cuisine with London Style | Hudson Yards Mall | $$


Mono+Mono is a unique spot that offers delicious Korean fried chicken and laid-back jazz music. The interior has a cozy and rustic vibe, with a massive collection of records. You can enjoy a meal sitting in the booth next to an entire wall made of records. It is a cool spot for authentic Korean fried chicken and a relaxing atmosphere.

  • Korean Cuisine | 116 E 4th St, East Village | $$

Casa Ora

Casa Ora is one of my favorite restaurants in Williamsburg. It offers modern Latin American cuisine, and the food here is delicious. Here, you can find street food flavors and classic Latin American dishes. The ambiance is vibrant and inviting, with greenery to brighten the space. You can feel the passion for celebrating cultural heritage through the cooking here.

  • Latin American Cuisine | 148 Meserole Street, Williamsburg | $$

RH Rooftop

RH Rooftop is located on the glamorous rooftop of RH New York in the meatpacking district. The restaurant has a picturesque city view. The seating area is stunning, elegantly decorated with crystal chandeliers, and surrounded by greenery.

  • American Cuisine | 9 9th Ave, Meatpacking District | $$$


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