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Miami Instagram Guide

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

I have seen Miami so many times in movies. In my mind, Miami is always the perfect representation of a passionate beachside paradise. That is true! I finally got a chance to visit this gorgeous city, and it is exactly as charming as I expected! Now read on to see the most instagrammable places in Miami and prepare for your trip!

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Faena Hotel Miami Beach

Faena Hotel is definitely the highlight of my trip. This beautiful hotel has everything I needed for a perfect vacation. The golden mammoth is perhaps the most iconic feature here, but there is a lot more I enjoyed at Faena. The pool and beach are excellent, exceptionally stunning with the red and white theme beach chairs and umbrella. The design and decorations here are so lush, elegant, and colorful. Not to mention the lovely staff here who made every second of my stay perfect and memorable. I highly recommend you to check out this hotel when you are planning your trip to Miami!

Freehand Miami

I am always obsessed with finding colorful places. Freehand Miami has all the vibrant elements I could dream of! This place has a laid back, boho vibe. The decorations are bright and funky. My favorite part is the garden and the pool. This outdoor area is a tropical wonderland, the perfect spot to enjoy the sunshine and is packed with colorful elements. The bar here, Borken Shaker is definitely a plus.

Ocean Drive

This is the source of Miami's passion and energy. Take a walk down Ocean Drive, you will see a row of restaurants, bars, stores and hotels in the iconic Art Deco buildings. Each one in its unique pastel color is truly lovely. At night the neon lights give the buildings a different presence. I am so in love with the vintage and relaxing vibe here. Ocean Drive is right next to the beach, which makes it a perfect location to see the sunrise.

South Beach

South Beach is the soul of Miami. What could be better than soaking in the sunshine for an afternoon and enjoying the breeze? The beach is clean and beautiful. The most special and fun part is the lifeguard towers. Designed by various architects and artists, each tower has unique shapes and color combos. I walked along the beach just to collect all the different ones with my eyes. The boardwalk along the beach is perfect for a long walk or jogging. There are a great atmosphere and energy from the morning till late at night. I highly recommend you to stay in the area for a couple of days!

Wynwood Walls

Wynwood is the place you can't miss on your trip to Miami. This is the area where colors, personalities, artistic creations all bloom fearlessly. Take a walk in this area and you will find countless surprises: Incredible graffiti artworks both indoor and outdoor over several blocks. Many artists come to unleash their creative spirits here at Wynwood through their colorful strokes and vibrant colors. I can't find a better place to get inspiration. There are also many cool shops and food around, definitely worth to spend half a day!

Design District

This is a wonderful district to spend some hours when you are looking for a different vibe of Miami. The Design District is a new part of the city that has luxury brands and high-end stores. This is also a place that offers tons of artistic inspirations, from modern outdoor sculptures to innovative art galleries. The market here also has delicious food. The clean, bright ambiance here is really charming.

Little Havana

Little Havana is a magical place where passion reaches its peak in Miami. Not only does this area have plenty of fun, but also it was cozy, communal, rooted deeply in authentic Cuban culture. As soon as I stepped on the main street, my attention was drawn by a bar playing live music. The energy and passion heated up the air. Everyone was clapping with the rhythm. The culture here is so vibrant and unique. Besides the awesome music, there are tons of authentic restaurants and shops.

Bayfront Park

Just one step away from Downtown Miami, Bayfront Park is a relaxing place where the locals like to hang out and walk their dogs. At the waterfront, you can see Miami Beach across the bay, and cruises ships in the distance. It is also a cool place to shop and eat. Come and take a walk at sundown, enjoy the gentle Miami breeze and feel unwind.


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