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Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech

There are so many things I love about Mandarin Oriental Marrakech: the tranquility, the lushness, and the balance between modern architecture and nature.

The ground of the hotel is absolutely breathtaking. The architectural style is simple yet

sophisticated, creating beautiful imagery with the trees and gardens. The property incorporates the rich colors of nature so perfectly: the sky reflects in the pool, adding a vibrant blue to the whole view, and the trees are so lush, even in winter. It feels like stepping into an oasis.

MO Marrakech truly embraces the definition of a luxury vacation stay. The Pool Villa takes the concept from a traditional Moroccan riad, adding contemporary interior design and technology. So many touches to details make the stay beyond comfortable and perfect. The room is bright and spacious, with a jacuzzi and pool in the private courtyard. It feels like a cozy and seclusive home, nesting in nature.

My favorite restaurant here is the Pool Garden. It is a perfect spot to enjoy the tranquility by the poolside. We had the pleasure of meeting Chef Soner Alpkaya and tasting his exquisite culinary creations. The vibrancy of the ingredients is a visual treat as well, and it works so stunningly with the bright view of the pool area.


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