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8 Things On Our Maine Travel Bucket List

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

For people who live on the East Coast, Maine is one of the best destinations for summer. As a nature and lobster fan, Maine has been on my travel list for so long. This time we had a long weekend getaway and drove all the way up to check off all the things on our Maine list! I am so happy to share all the fun things we did with you!

1. Visit Kennebunkport

I definitely recommend you to take a stop at Kennebunkport, on your way to Portland and have a chill afternoon here. Coming from NYC, I felt that time just slowed down so much here, and I enjoyed every moment of wandering the town.

Kennebunkport is on the way to Portland and a nice place to take a break from driving. It is a very relaxing little town. We easily spent a whole afternoon there. There are many cozy, cute shops. I think we probably went into every shop on the streets. I wish I could bring more tableware back. They are all so adorable. But my apartment is overflowing. There are also many restaurants in Kennebunkport. Picking one for lunch was definitely a difficult task. Finally, we chose Alisson's Restaurant. I ordered a lobster pizza. Oh boy! It is delicious. The galleries and vintage stores are worth visiting as well. This first stop made me fall in love with Maine. I love the slow tempo here. Moreover, the weather was so nice! We successfully escaped from the heat wave in New York.

2. Walk around the Old Port in Portland

Old Port is a district in Downtown Portland. It's full of shops, restaurants, and bars. You can smell the salty sea water in the air. This area is in the classic New England style, from the roads to the architecture. It's a great place for food.

3. Try Holy Donut

If you come to Portland, you can't miss the Maine potato donuts from the Holy Donut. We went to the one that's in the Old Port. There was a long line outside of the shop when we first got there. But oh my-my, it's worth the waiting. And I'd come back to wait on line for the donuts again. We tried seasonal blueberry, pomegranate, cinnamon sugar, maple, holy cannoli, and toasted coconut. They are all super tasty. The potato dough adds a little bit chewiness to the donuts, which I love! Don't miss out on the Holy Donut, because they are holy amazing.

4. Sea food, sea food!

Maine is the state of lobster, so how could we possibly miss any chance to enjoy seafood? From lobster pizza, lobster rolls, to clam chowder, I put my diet plan on pause and enjoyed as much seafood as I could.

Here are the restaurants we went to. I highly recommend them!

· Kennebunkport- Alisson's Restaurant

· Portland- Gilbert's Chowder House

· Bar Harbor- Geddy's

Finback Ale House

5. Go crazy with blueberries

Maine is also well-known for its wild blueberries. I've always been a fan of berries, so it was a perfect trip for me to taste Maine blueberries. Now my new favorite soda is Bar Harbor's Old Soaker Blueberry Soda. I love it so much that we brought back three packs. I also went crazy about the blueberry pie. There is no picture of it because I finished it in three minutes. (And I want more now!) I also brought back some wild blueberry muffin mix and made some delicious muffins at home. All my friends loved them!

6. Stop at Doubling Point Lighthouse

On the way to Acadia National Park from Portland, we stopped at Doubling Point Lighthouse. It is a cute petite lighthouse. The view on the way is pretty nice too.

7. Visit Acadia National Park

We spent three days at Acadia National Park. It's not as big as many other national parks in the US, but there is a lot to see to explore! From the mountaintop to the coast, the views here are incredible. For the ultimate guide of Acadia National Park, check out my blog post!

8. Chill at Bar Harbor

For many travelers who come to Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor is a must-go. This coastal town is full of restaurants, hotels, airbnbs, shops, and bars. Come to Bar Harbor for a big feast after a hiking trip on a mountain, what could be better than that?


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