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Lisbon Dining: 5 Restaurants with Unique Aesthetics

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Lisbon is such a vibrant and lively city. There are many restaurants with great ambiance and colorful characteristics. Here are the restaurants with an amazing aesthetics that I visited during my trip.


A restaurant so gorgeously designed. I love the elegant, colorful, and vintage decorating style. It is located in The Ivens Hotel and is open from breakfast. Within the restaurant, different spaces have different vibes and color palettes as well. For me, this place is an interior decorating goal, and I love the number of small details this restaurant has. It is both vintage and retro.


Another place that wowed me with its decoration. I love the different Asian elements in this place. The whole ambiance of the restaurant is bold and mesmerizing. Each area has its own decorating style: the main indoor seating area is luxuriously cozy, the bar is colorful and inviting, and the outdoor seating area is lush and spacious. It’s definitely a destination restaurant that you will not forget.

Casa do Alentejo

This is a hidden gem tucked away in a busy touristy area. From the outside, it might seem underwhelming, but as soon as you walk up the stairs, you come to this beautiful Moroccan-inspired courtyard. It is so lush and beautiful that transports you to a different country. Upstairs there are several dining rooms that are lavishly decorated.

Ponto Final

It takes a ferry ride from downtown Lisbon and a walk along the river to get to this restaurant. Here you have a great view of the bridge and can appreciate Lisbon from a different side. The bright yellow chairs and tables give such a charming vibe to the place and the surroundings. Reservation is recommended. There was a line even before the restaurant opened for the day.

Shifu Ramen We stumbled upon this ramen joint, and I realized that I had it in Barcelona. Shifu Ramen has many locations in major European cities and is famous for its anime decorations. It’s so fun looking at all the different animations on the wall and trying to recognize each one. The ramen is very delicious, and we came here twice during the trip. It’s probably not the traditional Portuguese dining experience you are looking for, but it’s much fun, and I highly recommend it!

Here are my recommendations for beautiful restaurants in Lisbon. Have you been to any of them before? Which one is on your list now? Let me know!



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