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Hotel Eber Paris

Who doesn't want to wake up next to a dreamy view of the Eiffel Tower? If you are looking for a hotel that has a gorgeous terrace view to the Effiel Tower and doesn't break your budget, this hotel is for you. This hotel has the ideal location for travelers in Paris.

It is so close to the Effiel Tower. With just a 5-minute walk, we were at the square. On our last day there, we woke up early to see the sunrise. The Effiel Tower was particularly charming without all the hustle and bustle during the day. I was also able to enjoy the city view at different times of a day just from our room. It is also close to the Metro Station, supermarket and tons of fantastic restaurants. The staff was friendly, helpful and welcoming.

The owner, Mr. Eber was a wonderful host. He kindly introduced the area to us and put his effort into making everyone who stayed feel like being home. This hotel is not as fancy as many other luxury ones, but it has a cozy, homey, traditional vibe, and feels so authentically French. The room is a little bit small but kept super clean every day. With the unbelievably gorgeous view and perfect location, I was very happy about our stay there.

A hotel's location is essential to me because I want to use every possible second to explore the city. If you were like me, who did a lot of research into searching for a room with a great view, I highly recommend you to check out this lovely hotel.

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