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Acadia National Park- Picture Spots Guide

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

If you have heard the name of Acadia Nationa Park for a long time, take the chance to visit it during your next vacation. The days we stayed there were one of the most relaxing periods of time I've had. That feeling of emptying your head and just enjoying nature was unforgettable. Acadia National Park is one of the most underrated national parks in my mind. There are so many gorgeous spots waiting for you to explore.

Let's go down the list and see where we visited in Acadia National Park. All these places have incredible views. Hope you will get pictures you love!

Cadillac Mountain

Cadillac Mountain is one of the best locations to see the sunset in Acadia. Under the golden glow of the sunset, the rocks are covered with a layer of beautiful shimmer. From the top of the mountain, you can see the harbor, the ocean, and many islands. It is a great place to take a slow walk and see the park from different directions. It is a little bit windy and chilly near sunset on the mountain, so bring another layer of clothes! Also, be patient about parking. We spent lots of time trying to find a parking spot throughout the trip. Perhaps it's because we visited there during the Labor Day long weekend?

Bar Harbor

This is where we went to eat every day in Acadia. It's so difficult to just pick a couple restaurants. I wish I could eat more than three meals each day. There are also many ice cream shops in Bar Harbor. Believe or not, they have lobster ice cream! There is also a big supermarket. We bought ingredients and snacks for our picnic as well as some local products to bring home. This super cute restaurant in the alley is my absolute favorite! It's like walking into a page in a fairy tale book!

3. Jordan Pond

One of the most astonishing places in Acadia! Jordan Pond is the crown jewel of this park. The water is crystal clear. There are schools of fish swimming around. Surrounded by mountains, Jordan Pond's view is stunning. I was amazed by the spectacular beauty of this place. It's one of those places that exist in paintings. The trail is easy to hike. Another great place to take a relaxing walk!

4. Thunder Hole/ Otter Cliff

Around Thunder Hole and Otter Cliff, there are miles of cliffs. We missed the high tide, so Thunder Hole wasn't very impressive in my mind. But I love the cliffs along the road. It is a great location to take some stunning pictures. Walking on the rough rocks is like walking on the ground, but still be careful! From the cliffs, you can also see Sand Beach.

5. Sand Beach

Before we left Acadia Nationa Park, we went to Sand Beach for a picnic. The water was too cold for swimming (at least for me haha). It wasn't a super sunny day, so the beach was not packed. It has a direct view of the cliffs. If you want to have an awesome beach picnic, check out my tips in my blog post!

6. Hadlock Waterfall

Talk about a place that's not what we quite expected it to be lol...When I was doing research, I saw some beautiful pictures of the Hadlock Waterfall. It's a 40min trail from where we parked, and the trail was not hard to walk at all. But when we get there, there was no water. I think in spring when the snow is melting, the waterfall would appear and the view would be stunning. But if you are like me, who came to this spot in summer, you probably would be disappointed.


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