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10 Gorgeous Restaurants in NYC

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

I'm always passionate about exploring the city and finding more beautiful places. Food is a big big part of my life. I'm sure it's the same for many people! There are so many fantastic restaurants in New York City, and some of them are absolutely stunning. Beautiful decoration often elevates the dining experience to the next level. I can't wait to share 10 gorgeous restaurants in the city!

SERRA by Birreria

This place is the most beautiful restaurant in my heart. I love their seasonal decorations and all the amazing details. Located on the rooftop of EATALY Flatiron District, this stunning restaurant has the perfect ambiance. I first went there in the fall, and it was like a garden full of fall colors. In winter, they changed the decoration to a cozy, silvery winter wonderland. We love their bread and juicy meatballs. It's our must-have every time we go there. I can't wait to see what they come up with for spring and summer!

Sometimes it does get packed pretty quickly. I recommend making a reservation or going there earlier.

Address: 200 Fifth Avenue, Roof, New York, NY 10010

Avocado Appétit

If you are a true lover of Avocado, you have to come here! I can't find a place cuter than Avocado Appétit. From the walls to the plushies and pillows, everything is saying "I avo-love you so much!". It is a place that just makes you happy and chill. Who wouldn't fall in love with it? They are really creative with their avocado dishes. I'm obsessed with the avocado spring rolls. I heard the avocado fries are super tasty. Guess now I have a perfect excuse to go back.

Address: 114 Eldridge St, New York, NY 10002

RH Rooftop

RH Rooftop is located on the rooftop of the gorgeous Restoration Hardware furniture store in the meatpacking district. As soon as we stepped out of the elevator, we were wowed by the decoration. The chandeliers added a lavish touch to the otherwise very modern, minimalist design. I was obsessed with the silver and navy blue colors in combination with all the plants. This space has a beautiful view of the city. It is particularly beautiful on a sunny day.

We went there right before they opened during the weekend and many people were waiting outside already. Luckily we got seated immediately. But by the time we left the waiting time was pretty long.

Address: 9 9th Ave, New York, NY 10014

Roman and Williams Guild-La Mercerie

I've loved this place for a long time. The interior is decorated elegantly. There is a furniture store connected to the restaurant itself. I first went there to see the flower collection and noticed there was a restaurant. Since then, I've been planning on going back to try the food. And yes I did! I went there for breakfast. There weren't many people in the morning. I enjoyed the peaceful, calm vibe. The ambiance just put me in France. The Greek Yogurt was incredible. The flavors of pistachios and walnuts mixed beautifully, and the chestnut cream made it even better. I was also impressed by their croissant. I wish it was bigger though; I can easily eat four more.

Address: 53 Howard St, New York, NY 10013

1803 NYC

This restaurant is where elegant French style decoration meets New Orlean Cajun flavor. The restaurant is absolutely gorgeous. As soon as I walked in, I was transported to a warm sunny garden. The delightful environment and music added so much to the overall experience. The pulled pork sandwich was juicy and delicious. It was a huge lunch for one. They are also famous for the oyster bar. I can't wait to go back and try more.

Address: 82 Reade St, New York, NY 10007


This quaint cafe is a dream spot for brunch. It's spacious and bright. The open glass windowed ceiling gives the perfect lighting. And who wouldn't be stunned by their gorgeous tiled murals on the walls? It is so impressive to see artistic and creative designs in restaurants like this. From the outside, you would never imagine how exquisite and beautiful the interior design is. The mixed berry French toast was my favorite.

Address:107 Rivington St, New York, NY 10002

Souvlaki GR

If you want to go Greek in the city, you can't miss out on Souvlaki GR. The restaurant front will catch your eyes immediately. It's a little Santorini in NYC.

Whenever I see the white and blue color, I feel so refreshed. The food has small portions, so we tried out a couple of different dishes. They were all very delicious. We first ordered the beef pita and Greek meatballs. I fell in love with the Tzatziki sauce. It gives a fresh, sour punch to the meat. The pita here is fantastic! They sure know how to make authentic Greek food. We also tried some beef, chicken and lamb souvlaki. The Tzatziki sauce just brings every bite to the next level. If you are looking for a sunny, romantic Santorini vibe and some delicious Greek food, this place is for you!

Address: 116 Stanton St, New York, NY 10002


Palma's springy vibe is all I want in cold winter. Dining at this place made me feel like living in a rose garden. Palma might be one of the most romantic restaurants in the city. The indoor garden is quiet and lovely. Surrounded by greens and flowers, I felt spring was so close. On a sunny day, the light beams through the glass roof and brings a soft glow to everything.

The freshly made pasta was delicious, and I was so in love with the eggs benedict. Together they made the perfect brunch.

Address: 28 Cornelia St, New York, NY 10014

Boucherie West Village

If you are looking for an authentic French cuisine experience, you can't miss this place. The atmosphere here is bright and inviting. It has a great combination of classic and modern designs. The French music playing in the back made this place even more romantic. It brought me to a street corner of Paris in a second. We came here for brunch (Yes we love brunch so much!) and it didn't let us down. They are amazing. This place also has the best croissant in the city. It is so fluffy, so delicious. I can't get it out of my head!

Address: 99 7th Ave S, New York, NY 10014

Monarch Rooftop Bar

There are so many rooftop bars in the city. But this one has the most stunning view in my heart. Right near Herald Square, on one side, you see the Empire State building so clearly. On the other side, it's the iconic buildings at Time Square. The view is just incredible. Seeing the Empire State so closely was unreal. Even in winter, they still have a cozy, tropical vibe. The place is spacious and perfect for both summer and winter. We enjoyed their snacks a lot. The mini avocado toasts and the white pizza are both delicious, especially the pizza.

Address: 71 W 35th St, New York, NY 10018


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