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To the Northern Shore

Our last two stops on the trip were Tangier and Asilah, two gorgeous little towns in Northern Morocco.

After leaving Chefchaouen, we kept going North and arrived in Tangier. The coastal view was beautiful. We stopped at the Hercules Cave. The opening of this cave to the sea is known as "The Map of Africa." It is really remarkable. Nature is always the best crafter of this world. Though it was a little chilly, we all went down to the rocks near the beach and enjoyed the breeze. This was perhaps one of the best winter beach experiences of mine!

Then we drove to Asilah, an artistic town on the coast. Asilah was full of surprises. We stayed there for two days and almost walked into every alley. It's so peaceful and calm here. At the same time, all the wall arts add passion and energy to this place. Quite opposite from the crowded streets in Marakkech, Asilah was a lot less overwhelming. Time seemed to be moving slower here. It was a nice place to slow down and relax, before our trip to Morocco came to an end.


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