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Tips for a Perfect Beach Picnic

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Nick and I spent our Labor Day weekend at Acadia National Park. Before we left, we went to Sand Beach and had a lovely picnic for two! I'm so happy to share some tips for an easy beach picnic, so you can have yours before summer says goodbye.

What to Bring

· Picnic blanket  I usually bring a picnic blanket and a tablecloth that goes on top of it. It's easy to get humid on the beach. A tablecloth will cover the "not so pretty" picnic blanket I have haha.  · Pick a color combination When you pick your props for the picnic, first, you should think about what colors and theme do you want the picnic to be. This time my color scheme is pink, blue and light purple. It's very romantic, soft and lighthearted. I like having colorful food, but as for props, I try not to put many colors together.  ·Get comfy You can bring a small table, some trays, cushions or pillows, beach chairs. Get comfy on the beach and when you are enjoying it with friends.  ·Something straw Straw basket, straw hat, straw bowls...Trust me, you can never go wrong with something straw. I love to add a natural vibe to my picnics. · Flowers Some flowers will light up the picnic in a heartbeat. I love flowers. I probably would bring it to any occasions if I can. 

What to Eat

Here are some of my must-have choices for picnic food and snacks.  · A fruit bowl  Any fruit works for a picnic. I usually bring lots of berries and grapes. For a bigger group, you can also bring melons or watermelon to share! ·Salad/ Pasta salad A picnic without a salad can't be called as a picnic. If you want something more substantial, you can also bring a pasta salad. It's an easy cold dish to prepare at home. Nobody wants a pasta dish that's gone cold at a picnic, so prepare some pasta salad!  · Crackers, salami, cheese Zero effort, simply assembled and maximum level of deliciousness!  · Homemade sandwich  We always make our own sandwich for picnics. You can even make finger sandwiches and bring a variety of them.  · Something to drink Your choice! Don't forget the cups. · A garbage bag Yes, this is super important. We should leave no trace! 


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