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Three Days in Beijing

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Beijing is a city that has always held a special place in my heart. During my last few of trips to Beijing, I didn't go to many of the top historical sites. This time I thought it would be wonderful to just take my time and revisit some of my favorite places.

The Forbidden City

We easily spent a whole day here, because there were just so many many things to see. The Forbidden City is not only a palace complex, but also a museum. Each architectural component here is a great masterpiece that reflects how magnificent and exquisite Chinese architecture can be. Within many of the palaces, there are also numerous treasures and art pieces. The Forbidden City is a little city in Beijing, but this "little city" is actually huge. We were so glad that we scheduled our entire day there and didn't have to rush.

We made sure to arrive to the gate (Wu Men) early, before the Museum was even open. There are so many people visiting this place all year long, so it is a must to arrive early. Like many great museums around the world, The Palace Museum has different exhibitions all the time, so It would be cool to check out what's going on before you plan your trip. I highly recommend the Treasure Gallery and the Hall of Clocks. They require extra tickets, but it is super cheap, and trust me they are worth it.

It was amazing to dive into my culture and get to learn so much more about a part of Chinese history. I was blown away again and again by the incredible the arts and architecture of the past.

The Summer Palace

The Summer Palace is a huge imperial garden. I've been here several times but still haven't walked to every corner of the garden. You can't find a view like this anywhere else. There are four places inside the Summer Palace that require extra tickets. I highly recommend you to see all of them. Taking a boat is also something we always do because the garden is so huge. The boat will save lots of time and take you to the other side of the lake. Besides, the view is always beyond stunning.

One of the best moments for me was always sitting in front of the lake and enjoying the breeze. The Summer Palace is definitely another place where you want to spend lots of time! It is always busy and crowded. But I like to just take my time and walk around. Every time, I discovered something new and unforgettable at this breathtaking park.

The Red Brick Art Museum

This place is a super cool contemporary art museum. In the garden, there are many red bricks all over the place. They are more than just decorations. The red bricks create an amazing aesthetic in this environment. They are part of the art pieces. The design of the garden also carries on a modern interpretation of Chinese architecture. It is a great combination of nature and modern art. It is outside of the central city area, but with public transportation, it is pretty convenient to get here.

My favorite restaurant in Beijing - Tomacado

During this last trip, I discovered a gorgeous spot to eat. It's my new favorite in Beijing. I'm obsessed with everything that has floral elements, and this restaurant just hit my heart. I absolutely love how creative each dish is. They are not only good looking but also really delicious. They have several locations in the city. I will definitely go back next time I'm in Beijing.


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