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My Sahara Dream

My fantasy about the Sahara has been rooting in my heart since I was a child. My obsession with the desert probably originated from one of my favorite books: The Stories of the Sahara by Chinese author San Mao. I never thought of the Sahara as the most barren land on earth. I always think it's a magical place waiting for people to explore. This part of the journey was definitely one of the most wonderful experiences I had in Morocco.

We booked a three-day Sahara tour from Marrakech to Fez. There are so many tours, and we finally picked TOP DESERT. Since it was the first time we went to Sahara, we wanted the one night camping in the desert to be wonderful. Our camp in the Sahara was gorgeous. Each tent has a private bathroom and heated blankets. After all, it was winter, and Sahara at night got quite freezing. But nothing could be better than sitting next to a campfire with travelers from all around the world, dancing with the drum beats and seeing the sky full of stars. All my wonders of Sahara were fulfilled.

Because we booked a private tour, it was more flexible than a large group one. Our guides were super friendly and nice. We spent a long time driving on the road, but the view of the mountain was spectacular. I wish we could have had more time in the desert, but I guess I just need to come back to Morocco again and explore more of the unknown!


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