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48 Hours in Moscow

We came to visit Russia during the World Cup. Though we didn't plan on watching a game there, we knew that there were going to be tons of World Cup elements in Moscow, which is so exciting! The weather is not as cold as St. Petersburg, and occasionally we saw a blue tip of the sky. I couldn't wait to see the Red Square because I've seen pictures of it since I was a kid! Now I can tell you that, Red Square is a dream! It fulfilled all my imaginations of Russia!

Red Square is the most popular and crowded area in Moscow. Many historical buildings are in this area. The first building I saw was the State Historical Museum. The silver roof is like a pile of snow on top of the building. It creates a stunning color contrast with the red. If you tell me this is a castle out of a fairy tale, I would believe it.

At the other end of the square, it's the Saint Basil's Cathedral. It has been on my travel bucket list for a long time. Seeing the cathedral in person makes it even more unbelievable. In my impression, Russia has a bold, robust characteristic. But now I'm standing in front of this cathedral that has wild use of colors and imagination. I am obsessed with this contrast. What could represent Russia more than the Saint Basil's Cathedral? It is so unique, so fun and so unforgettable.

Gum is a department store that's facing the Red Square. It is a gorgeous building that has a romantic European vibe. The mall was decorated with World Cup elements. As a sweets lover, I couldn't miss the opportunity of trying the signature ice-cream from Gum.

We took a walk in the rain and visited the Kremlin. There was an exhibition that featured many art pieces from China. Whenever I saw Kremlin on TV, I always saw the white and gold church. The color is incredible. The purpose of traveling for me is to see the places and view I've seen through screens on in books in person and experience the cultures through my point of view.

The next day we went to the Tsaritsyno Palace. It is in the south of Moscow. The palace was originally built for Catherine the Great, and now it is a free public park. We went there on a beautiful day. The architecture style carries on lots of the romantic and feminine elements from Catherine the Great period. I've seen many unique and extraordinary churches and palaces on this trip. Russia is a gold mine of architecture. I am blown away by the creative minds of Russian people.

So here is our 48 hour journey in Moscow! Is Russia a country on your travel bucket list?


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