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Marrakech: Brimmed with Colors

Marrakech was full of surprises and made me want to keep wandering around and exploring more. All the dazzling colors and goods in Marrakech were both exciting and overwhelming. This city is so full of its life and culture. I didn't want to blink and possibly miss anything. We stayed a couple days in Marrakech and went to many wonderful places. Here are some of my

favorite spots!


The Medina is the Old Town in Marrakech. One can easily spend days here in this maze like section of the city just exploring each alleyway. Down each new road you will find a multitude of shops offering local craft goods in every variety you can imagine. It is so easy to get lost here, but luckily we managed to find our way each time.

The sunset over Jemaa el-Fnaa was unbelievably gorgeous. The whole square started to light up and the energy continued. I highly recommend you to find a restaurant with a terrace view on the square and enjoy the sunset during dinner or a drink! There are plenty of restaurants around and they all have awesome views from different angles.

Majorelle Garden

This is a must-go in Marrakech. I was so stunned by the vibrant colors of this place from all the pictures I've seen. This garden used to be owned by Yves Saint-Laurent and has an iconic blue shade. Many people were underwhelmed by the size of the garden. While it is not huge, this garden is delicate and gorgeous. Though we tried to get there as early as possible, it got really crowded later. I absolutely loved every detail about it.

Bahia Palace

The Bahia palace is right around the Medina area. The architecture and decoration of this place is simply wonderful. The lovely tile work caught my eye as soon as I walked in. This place is like a little oasis. Even while it was crowded, I did feel some peace in the air.


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