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Most Beautiful Restaurant in Paris: Le Train Bleu

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

This is no doubt the most beautiful restaurant I have ever been to. Located at Gare de Lyon, Le Train Bleu took us back in time. It was named after the legendary train that ran across the French Riviera. The minute we stepped into the restaurant, we were stunned by the Belle Epoque interior: dazzling chandeliers, high ceilings with beautiful paintings of different regions of France and golden panels. It was hard to believe we were not at a royal palace but a train station. It was designated a Monument Historique in 1972. I could sit there for hours and still would never see all the details.

It is not surprising that the level of deliciousness of the food matches the astonishing interior. The extraordinary French cuisine here brings out the most satisfying flavors. We had the leg of lamb, which they sliced right at the table, and the veal chop. They were both beautifully presented and outrageous in flavors. Everything was cooked perfectly. This lunch was hands down the best dining experience we had in Paris, from the interior that is beyond gorgeous to the impeccable service. Le Train Bleu surely is the restaurant we would love to go to every time we come to Paris because it is like no others.


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