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In a Hydrangea Heaven: Kamakura

Kamakura has been on my travel list for so long. It was one of the most exciting destinations for me on this trip.

The Hydrangeas were in their peak blossom at Meigetsu-in when we got there. The view was so unbelievably beautiful. Even though it was rainy, the temple was still packed with people who came to see the flowers. Surrounded by the hydrangeas, I felt like I in a dream that I never wanted to wake from. All the flowers were blooming so fearlessly. The crystal, pure blue dazzled my eyes. Kamakura in Hydrangea season was especially gorgeous.

Kotoku-in is a must-visit in Kamakura. The temple is famous for its "Great Buddha" statue, a National Treasure. I could see that time has left traces on the status, but the Buddha still sat peacefully in the rain, looking so amiable. Just looking at it, I found my inner peace. This is the magic and power of culture.

We walked around Kamakura in the light rain. This city is so peaceful. It was a perfect day trip from Tokyo. Many people also choose to come here for two days. There were still places we didn't explore this time. But I know the extraordinary beauty of Kamakura will be carried with me forever.


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