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Day Trip from Tokyo: Hakone

The first time I went to Japan, we visited Mt. Fuji and a part of Hakone. This time we wanted to see more beautiful places in Hakone, so we took a day trip to Lake Ashi and Hakone Shrine. After staying two days in Tokyo, we were back to nature!

Hakone Shrine is on the shore of Lake Ashi. Walking down the stairs, I saw one of the most sacred views: A giant torii stands at the waterfront. The torii is like a gate to another magical world. I stood on the stairs and was shocked by the surreal beautiful of it. This is a very popular place and many people came here for pictures in front of the torii like me. There was a long line all the way up the stairs. But at the same time, there won't be anyone running into your pictures, so it was totally worth the waiting.


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