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Florence has many narrow and intricate alleys and streets. It is easy to get lost without having a map. When I was exploring the area, I felt like walking in a giant maze. It is also one reason why I love Florence so much; I didn't know what I would see when I turn around the corner and walk into the next alley.

After walking around for a while without looking at the map, an enormous but graceful building showed up in my sight. Though through the narrow space I could only see a small part of it, I knew I found it, the Florence Cathedral. The place I first saw on my travel book when I was ten, and ever since then, it stayed in my head.

White, green and red, these are the colors of the Florence Cathedral, the colors of Italy. The dome's brick-red immediately caught my eyes. It is the color of Florence, a city that is so passionate, artistic and lively. The wall is mostly white, light green and pink, so clean and pure. I knew I would fall in love with this place instantly and I did. Around the cathedral, there are many stores. The shopping area gives youth to this historical city. 

We walked towards the Arno River and saw Ponte Vecchio. The riverside was relaxing and calm. It had an entirely different vibe. The Ponte Vecchio stands on the gentlest ripples of Arno River. Under the Toscana sunshine, everything was colorful, peaceful, and seemed too beautiful to be real.  

At the heart of the city, the square in front of Palazzo Vecchio was crowded. It is like an open gallery with many masterpieces. The most famous one is perhaps Michelangelo's David. We also took a tour of the building, the old palace of the Medici family. Every room is full of great Renaissance works. The number of details was stunning and impressive. 

Florence does not only have a charming appearance. This city's culture and history make everybody who has been here love it even more madly. 


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