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Cinque Terre

I fell in love with Cinque Terre when I first saw a picture of Manarola. I am always looking for the most charming colors in nature and places. Manarola instantly caught my eye because the town is the loveliest color palette. 

We took the train from La Spezia. The train drove through a tunnel, then suddenly, bright sunshine full filled the car. The blue Ligurian Sea showed up on the right. The water was sparkling under the dazzling sun. Manarola was the second stop. After getting off the train, we walked through a tunnel, and the village was right there. A road on the hillside took us to see the most iconic view of Manarola. On the cliff, colorful buildings were piling together. Green trees and fuschia flowers interspersed the hill. Nature gave this place a stunning coast line, and humans made the colors even more lovely. Everything was so relaxing there. The rocks formed a natural pool. Many people jumped from the rocks to dive into the blue water and wash off the heat.  ​

In the town proper, there are many shops and restaurants. I recommend you to check them out! The gelato I bought melted within 30 seconds, but I couldn't blame the sunshine. Besides some delicious gelato, I also picked up a lot of Italian spices and funny shaped pasta!


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