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Dreams are made of blue: Chefchaouen

I'm always looking for bold, vibrant colors in life, so when I first saw pictures of Chefchaouen, I was so amazed by its colorful magic. And ever since then, this place has been at the top of my travel list.

We went to Morocco in January, so we could escape from the cold weather in New York. The warm sun really spoiled us when we were in Sahara and Fez. When we saw that it was going to snow in Chefchaouen, we were so unprepared. None of us brought winter clothes and we were all dreaming about wearing our loveliest dress in this blue city haha. I had to put layers and layers of clothes on and wear my big scarf again.

People have different expectations for Chefchaouen. Some say that it is one of the most beautiful towns in the world, other think it is overly advertised. I was genuinely surprised by its beauty. The different shades of blue put me in a different universe immediately. Chefchaoun is high in the mountain, like a fairy tale land that's isolated from the common world. Nothing is finely painted here, but that's exactly why I love it. People who live here didn't just paint the place for tourism, they did it simply because of belief. This is not a town full of luxurious beauty. It is peaceful and slow. Each alley is unique, and we didn't know what view to expect around the corner. To me, that is the real beauty of Chefchaouen.

This town is also full of delicious food. In the cold weather, it was the Tajine and Mint Tea that kept us warm. I also had the best pomegranate juice here. Everyone we met here was really friendly. I was so madly in love with this magical town.


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