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Where We Started: Casablanca

After seven hours of flight, we finally arrived in Morocco, a country that I have been dreaming about visiting for so long! Morocco is the perfect destination for a cold winter escape. Our first stop was Casablanca. We spent most of our time at the Hassan II Mosque (We went there twice during our brief stay at Casablanca). I saw so many pictures of this place before and was really excited to go there. It turns out, Hassan II Mosque was definitely one of the biggest highlights of this trip.

Before coming to Casablanca, whenever I heard the name, I would naturally think of the classic film "Casablanca". But now, whenever I hear Casablanca, I think of the mosque immediately. It is a symbol that represents this city to me. I wanted to look into every detail of this magnificent architecture. From the floor to the gate, to the elegant color of the tiles, every glance I had was beautiful.

The mosque opens to the public a couple times during the day. There is a schedule, and it requires a ticket. But it is definitely worth it. The inside of the mosque is gorgeous. The ceiling opened up and I could see the minaret through the opening.

If you have enough time when you visit Morocco, I definitely recommend you to make a stop at Casablanca and see this beautiful mosque.


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