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Dear Deer & Dear Nara

Going to Nara is always a perfect day trip choice, from either Osaka or Kyoto. Last time I went there I had one of the most unforgettable encounters with deer. Nara Park and Todaiji are the best areas to see the deer. There are many stands selling deer crackers. Believe or not, the lovely deer can be aggressive sometimes when they try to eat all the crackers you have! Lots of people were being around by a group of deer haha.

Last time I went I didn't get a chance to see Kasuga-Taisha, because it was the New Year and it was was packed. Many local people came to pray and celebrate the coming of the New Year. Along the road to the shrine, there are stone lanterns on each side. Sometimes when you look around, there is a deer peeking out and saying hello to you. Here I felt there was no boundary between nature and human beings because people respect these free spirits. Kasuga- Taisha is a gorgeous shrine. It was a beautiful day. We saw a traditional Japanese wedding going on. Under the blue sky, every sight is like straight out of a painting.

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