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DECEMBER 3-8, 2023

Join me as we immerse ourselves in the delightful holiday atmosphere of NYC. This experience will get you up close and personal with the best of NYC's holiday decorations and photo spots. I have been creating holiday content in New York City for years, so I know all the photo spots, what's worth seeing, and what time to go. 

It doesn't matter if you are a content creator, a fashion lover, or just someone who loves holidays; join us as we walk through dazzling streets and explore hidden holiday gems!

(R​egistration Now Ended)

Special Offer: Register now and take $300 off your second round of payment.


What Makes This Trip Special?
  • A thoughtfully planned itinerary that balances photography and free time. 

  • 20 Iconic Manhattan holiday photo spots.

  • Unique Christmas-themed group dining experiences. 

  • Hidden gems and secret places only New Yorkers know.

  • Photography and Content Workshop.

  • Online Meetup Session for local travel tips, outfit inspirations, and to answer any of your questions.

  • Professional photo and video coaching throughout the trip.

  • An outfit rental package is available if you want to pack light. Learn More

  • Bilingual host (English and Mandarin)


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NYC during the holiday season is truly magical. You've probably seen countless videos and photos of beautifully decorated spots but don't know exactly where they are, when the best time to go is, or how to plan your trip most efficiently. We designed this trip for you!

This 2023 NYC Christmas Photo Trip will show you the best holiday decorations in the city. As a local New Yorker, I will be scouting all the locations before the trip to ensure every stop exceeds expectations. 

You will also be exploring NYC with like-minded female travelers. We gather here because we share the same passion for photos, fashion, and content creation. I hope you find someone who inspires you and forms a long-lasting friendship by the end of this trip. 

I designed the itinerary with each traveler's different goals in mind. This trip combines photo spots, planned activities, and free time to explore and relax.  



We all have different goals when we travel, and I want to know your goals. 

I love colorful travel destinations and unique photo spots, and I use fashion to express myself as I travel worldwide.  
After being a content creator for years, I want to share my experiences and tips with people who share my passion. 

Before the trip, I will host an online meetup session to introduce everyone and discuss the details of the trip. It will also be a great opportunity to ask me any questions you may have. I will also offer local travel tips and outfit ideas, so you can be fully prepared to get the photos you want! 

Our itinerary is designed to efficiently cover as many photo spots as possible. There are also planned activities and group dining experiences that are unique to this trip and definitely photogenic.

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This trip combines photo spots, planned activities, and free time to explore, relax, or shop.

  • 20 Iconic Manhattan Holiday Photo Spots

  • Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Tour with Private Transfer

  • Manhattan Neighborhoods Christmas Photo Tour

  • NYBG Holiday Train Show

  • Two Christmas Market Walking Tours

  • Christmas Welcome Party with Drinks 

  • Christmas Farewell Dinner

  • Holiday Afternoon Tea Experience

  • Photography & Content Workshop

And An Exclusive NYC Travel Digital Guide that helps you plan your free time.



This workshop makes our trip like no other. As a content creator who has built her social media presence from the ground up, I can share insight and advice you won't find anywhere else.

Many people ask me how I edit my photos&videos and how I find my creative inspiration. I will share my secrets with you, and I encourage everyone participating to do the same! You never know what kind of creative spark can arise from a group brainstorming session. 

This workshop isn't limited to content creation only; we'll also talk about self-branding, growing a niche, and turning a hobby into more than just a hobby.




You will be staying in a newly opened four-star hotel in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, a prime location near Time Square.

A safe, comfortable hotel with a great location is the most important thing for us when designing this holiday trip. Your time is everything, and we want to save you the hassle of traveling back and forth to Manhattan, where the major holiday attractions are. 

Arlo Midtown is contemporary, modernist-influenced, and full of attention to detail that will bring you the best comfort during your travel. 

I've scored the best prices for you! This location is truly unbeatable. Each room is double occupancy with two separate beds. 


Price Per Traveler: US $4,260  (Special Offer: $3960)

Due at Registration, a non-refundable deposit: $860
Second Payment Due October 3: $1700 (Special Offer: $1400)

Third Payment Due November 3: $1700

(Special Offer: Register now and take $300 off your second round of payment.)


Dates: December 3 – 8, 2023

Trip Length: 6 days, 5 nights 

Trip Style: Content & Luxury 

Group Size: 8-10 Female Travelers

Accommodation Type: 4-Star Hotel in Midtown Manhattan


  5 Nights 4-star Hotel in Midtown Manhattan 

 Airport Transfers (Scheduled pick-up and drop-off times)

✓  20 Iconic Manhattan Holiday Photo Spots

  Manhattan Neighborhoods Photo Tour

 Subway and Train Tickets

✓  Day trip to Dyker Heights Christmas Lights with Private Transfer

 NYBG Holiday Train Show

 Christmas Afternoon Tea

✓  Two Christmas Market Walking Tours

✓  Holiday Welcome & Farewell Dinner and Drinks

✓  Photography & Content Workshop

✓  Online Meetup & Trip Prep Session 

✓  Professional Photo & Video Coaching

X  Flights to and from NYC

X  Additional Drinks, snacks, and meals

 Travel Insurance (required upon booking)

X  Personal Purchases and Souvenirs

 Transport on personal free time


Yu "Fish" Cui · Fishsflourish

I'm Fish, a Chinese content creator based in NYC.  I love traveling to colorful destinations and discovering local hidden gems & unique dining experiences. My travel style is vibrant and fashion-forward.  I have worked with top luxury hotel groups all around the world, including Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons, The Oberoi, and The Ritz- Carlton. 

NYC is my forever favorite city on earth, and it's been my home for years. I'm so excited to be sharing my favorite holiday spots with you this December. 

  • Social media is constantly changing. Will the workshops still be relevant then?
    The algorithms often change, but the fundamentals of creating good quality content remain timeless. Having the knowledge and skills to create high-quality and diverse content is the key to adjusting to the frequently changing social media platform.
  • I'm not quite ready to become a content creator yet; should I still enroll in the workshops?
    Absolutely! The workshops cover both fundamental knowledge and advanced techniques in photography and Videography that you can use on a professional level and on a daily basis. Remember, knowledge is power. Even if you are still getting ready, learning about these topics and having the tools handy will prep you. So whenever you are ready, you can walk into the industry feeling more confident.
  • What do I need to bring to the workshop? What if I don't have a camera?
    Nowadays, most people use their phones to take photos and videos, so our workshops mainly focus on how to elevate content that can be taken by phones. You just need: an iphone or android that can take photos and videos, and download 2-3 free apps that we will be using for editing demonstrations and practice.
  • Is this just another "Influencer Course"?
    There are no influencer courses out there that offer in-person and small class teaching. These two aspects make our workshops stand out from all the other influencer courses. Also, unlike other courses that teach you how to crack the algorithms, our workshops focus on skills and techniques. It is something that once you learn, you own it for the rest of your life. You don't have to "test it out" and see if it "works for you" or not. There is no myth or luck behind it; it's pure knowledge.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    · All cancellations by you must be in writing and emailed to Company at the contact email address (hello@fishsflourish). · If cancellation takes place fourteen days prior to the Scheduled First Workshop Date, any payments made by you will be refunded. · If cancellation takes place between seven to fourteen days prior to the Scheduled First Workshop Date, 50% of the payment is refundable. · If cancellation takes place within seven days prior to the Scheduled First Workshop Date, you forfeit the entire amount remitted to Company. · Cancellation and Refund are not available after attending the Workshop.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Due to the nature of the workshops and the in-person experience, unfortunately we won't be able to offer refunds after the participants attended the workshop. If you have any questions, always feel free to email me:
  • What if I don't have any previous experience in Photography and Videography?
    No worries! I started as a beginner too. I'm designing each workshop from my students' perspective and making them as easy to understand as possible. Because each workshop is a small group, I will be able to know everyone's level in advance and alter the courses accordingly.
  • Where will the workshop take place in NYC?
    The workshop will take place in a meeting space in Manhattan. The exact location will be shared with all participants, along with more details, before the workshop starts. All participants must bring their ID to check in before the workshop starts.
  • I'm not able to travel to NYC for these dates. Do you consider offering the workshops online?
    That's a great question! For now, I'm focusing on developing these in-person workshops and offering all participants as much as possible. If the demand is high, we might have more workshops, and I will consider making an online version available in the future. But for now, my main focus is these sessions in February and March 2024.
  • What if I'm in a different field? Will I still find the workshops useful?
    The future is digital. Whether you are an influencer, a business owner, or a freelancer, you need the knowledge and skills to generate materials digitally. The editing and industry knowledge I'm offering in the workshops is commonly shared among many diverse fields. Knowing how to create and edit content will help you stand out in your field.
  • Will I be able to get a one-on-one teaching session? If so, for how long?
    Each group has a maximum of eight students, which is already a much smaller setting than all the influencer online courses. The small group offers a more customized learning experience and targeted knowledge. But also, it is important to keep in mind that the workshop will be in a group setting, and everyone deserves an equal amount of time and attention. However, some aspects of the workshops are individualized: homework will be given after the first session, and during the second session, we will look at everyone's work, and I will offer personalized advice and feedback. Each workshop also has a live Q&A session for you to ask your questions.
  • Are there overlaps between the four workshops?
    Since some students will attend more than one workshop, each workshop is designed with specific topics and fields to avoid overlaps. For example, the editing skills and techniques we talk about in The Editing Lab and The Color Grading Masterclass are entirely different. Those of you attending multiple workshops won't feel like you are going over the same thing several times.
  • Can I reschedule my sessions?
    Each participant has one free reschedule for each workshop. You can reschedule your session for the same session later or switch it to a different workshop. Rescheduling is only available for sessions that are not sold out. Our workshops' maximum student capacity is eight, and we won't be able to add seats to sold-out sessions.
  • What is your late arrival policy?
    Classes begin promptly at the listed start times. If you arrive late, you may miss important sections of the course. We suggest everyone arrive 10 minutes before the workshop starts to sign in and ensure you have the apps ready to use in class.
  • When does the enrollment end for each workshop?
    The enrollment ends five days before the first session of each workshop, or when the spots are full.


Please carefully read all the terms and conditions detailed below before booking a trip with Flourish Creatives LLC (hereinafter, "Company", "We", "Us" or "Fishsflourish"). If considered/accepted to participate in this Trip, you hereby acknowledge, and agree to, the following booking and cancellation terms and conditions: 1. TRIP REGISTRATION To reserve a spot for this Trip, you must complete the application form (Registration opens on September 8th, 2023) and review the Terms & Conditions. Once your application is submitted, the Company will email you the next steps for your booking. If accepted, the Participant shall make the Initial Deposit of $860, which reserves the Participant's spot for the Trip. The Initial Deposit is non-refundable. The remaining balance will be due on October 3rd ($1700) and November 3rd ($1700). An invoice will be provided through a secure payment processor. 2. TRAVEL INSURANCE You are responsible for obtaining your own travel insurance coverage. The Company requires that you purchase travel insurance that covers you for the duration of the trip and in the event that for any reason you are unable to attend the Trip. You are solely responsible for ensuring that the travel insurance that you choose provides coverage for any and all activities that are part of the Trip. 3. TRAVEL DOCUMENTS Participant is solely responsible for complying with passport and visa requirements. Company is not responsible if you are denied entry or exit to/from any country or location due to a lack of valid Documentation. 4. WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNIFICATION Execution of a Waiver of Liability and Indemnification is an express condition of the Participant's right to participate in the Trip. If the Company has not received a properly executed Waiver of Liability and Indemnification at least 45 days prior to the Trip, the Company may cancel the Trip for Participant and refund all monies paid, except for the Non-Refundable Deposit. 5. CANCELLATION OR CHANGES 5.1. Cancellations. 5.1.1. By Company. Company reserves the right to cancel your reservation if your Total Payment is not received on or before the Payment Due Date and you will not be eligible for any refunds of the Deposit. Company further reserves the right to cancel the Getaway prior to the Departure Date in the event an insufficient number of registrants are confirmed for the Getaway or for any other commercial reason in Company's sole discretion and, in such an event, you will receive a full refund of the amount you remitted to Company, but in no event will Company be responsible for any other amount, including preparation costs, airfare, travel documents, or any other Losses or claimed damages. Company reserves the right, but is not obligated, to cancel a Trip at any time for reasons related to political unrest, pandemics, terrorist threats, or adverse health conditions in the Trip location, or because of inadequate enrollment that makes the Trip economically infeasible to operate. 5.1.2. By You. All cancellations by you must be in writing and emailed to Company at the contact email address (hello@fishsflourish). If cancellation takes place prior to the Second Payment Due Date, any payments made by you will be refunded, except your Non-Refundable Deposit. If cancellation takes place after the Second Payment Due Date, 50% of the payment is refundable, except your Non-Refundable Deposit. If cancellation takes place after the Third Payment Due Date, you forfeit the entire amount remitted to Company. 5.2. Changes. 5.2.1. Company reserves the right to make changes to any and all aspects of the Trip (which may include without limitation changes to the types and/or timing of activities available during the Trip, items and/or services included with the Getaway, accommodation, the itinerary) if, in Company's sole discretion, Company deems it necessary to do so due to conditions that may be hazardous, dangerous, or otherwise adverse or threatening, if an act or omission of a third party prevents any such aspects of the Trip or any portion of the Trip. 5.2.2. Company will make commercially reasonable efforts to keep the Trip as it is described in the contract; however, the final itinerary may vary due to availability and factors beyond Company's control. ColorSeekers may in its sole discretion substitute services such as hotels or goods of similar quality for any service or good stated in the Trip description. 6. FORCE MAJEURE Company does not have any responsibility for any personal injury, property damage or other loss, accident, delay, inconvenience or irregularity which may be occasioned by reason of any matter beyond its exclusive control including but not limited to acts of God, acts of government, Pandemic, war, terrorist acts, riots, disaster, weather extremes or strikes. 7. CONSENT TO PHOTOGRAPHY Company may take photographs or videos during the operation of any Trip and use the resulting photography, videos, or recordings for promotional or commercial use. By participating in a Trip, you agree to allow your likeness to be used by Company without compensation to you. If you prefer that your likeness, not be used, you must notify us in email writing prior to departure of the Trip.

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